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How To Improve Learning!

It’s been several months since schools have reopened and it comes to no surprise that many parents, students, and teachers are reporting a loss of learning or overall difficulties in learning within the classroom setting. Fortunately, many years of research in cognitive psychology (or the study of things that happen in your brain) can help to provide tips and tricks to improve learning within a classroom. For example, it is known that one of the most effective formulas for learning involves mini tests/quizzes with immediate feedback. Within a classroom, this can look like taking several minutes of class to administer a no-stake (aka not graded) quiz where students are asked 3-5 questions on content previously learned. Once the students have completed the quiz, these responses should be reviewed and the correct answer and rationale should be provided. By doing this, students have shown that they are better able to retain and retrieve information that has been previously taught. Sounds simple doesn’t it?! Well, it works! See the article below for additional tips and strategies to improve learning.

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